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Hear ye, wanna-be Community Gardeners

February 11, 2009

They hope to break ground on this project this spring. 

If you’d like a part and a plot in Fayetteville’s first Community Garden — or at least would like to know more about the project — you’ll want to attend a meeting on these very subjects on the last Saturday of the month.

garden-meeting-map2.JPGThe meeting will be at 10 a.m. on Feb. 28 in the J.S. Spivey Recreational Center at 500 Fisher St., off Old Wilmington Road. That’s the red star on the map –>. The garden, marked by the green X, is planned between nearby Vanstory and Mann streets.

I’ve written before about the plans for the garden. Check this post for that info, including an artist’s rendering of the garden’s design and associated links.

For more info, call 483-9028. The nonprofit garden is being sponsored by the Sandhills Area Land Trust.


Eagle eye

October 30, 2008

Fay to Z’s post about the world’s best wildlife photos reminded me of the good fun I had last summer watching the young bald eagles on the wildlife cam at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland.

The eagle cam closed down soon after that because the eagles had progressed past the point of spending much time at the nest.

But, after reading the Fay to Z post, I remembered the Web master of the Blackwater site had told me the eagle action would move to the site’s osprey cam in the fall. The ospreys abandon their riverside nest for warmer climes for the winter and the eagles — and other birds — drop by to set a spell or knock back some fish they’ve caught.

1030-eagles-at-the-osprey-cam2.JPG1030-eagles-at-the-osprey-cam.JPGSo I took a look earlier today and… an eagle was there waiting for me.

Then, though, he (she?) left and a different bird arrived. That’s a golden eagle below, right?


And then there were three birds there — or almost there.


Anyway, it’s an always changing scene — and clearly pretty active now, too.

G.I. Jo

July 18, 2008

When I saw this obit, I remembered the question about her that I answered for H.P. of Pinehurst back on March 6.

jo-stafford.jpgI also wrote a bit about her on the blog then and included links to a couple of her performances.

So I’m posting all this for H.P. and any other fans of Jo Stafford, who was a popular singer through the World War II and Korean War years. She died of congestive heart failure Wednesday at the age of 90. Go here to listen to her version of “Begin the Beguine.”


May 28, 2008

B.S. recently asked if anyone in the area repaired Apple computers. His iMac had apple1.pngapparently gone kerflooey (to use a technical term).

I directed him to the nearest repair shops that I could find — all of which happen to be authorized by Apple to repair its products. You can search for the one nearest you here.

Today, a local man called to say he also repairs Apples. Brogden Heidenreich said he’s working toward getting certified by the company to repair them. For more info, check his Web site.

Client-lawyer confidentiality

May 6, 2008

The New York Times has a story on this subject, which came up in a Live Wire column and blog post last month.

My column and posting primarily concerned Alton Logan, an Illinois man sentenced to life logan-freed.jpgin prison in 1982 for a murder that another man had confessed to. But that other man had confessed only to his lawyers and they felt bound by client-lawyer confidentiality to keep the information secret despite what they felt was Logan’s unjust conviction.

I noted the similarity of Logan’s situation to that of Lee Wayne Hunt, who remains in prison for the murder of an Eastover couple in 1984 — despite the fact that the other man convicted in the crime told his lawyer he acted alone.

Like Logan’s lawyers, Hunt’s lawyer came forward with that information after the death of his client. Unlike them, though, he didn’t succeed in getting the justice system to consider freeing Hunt. Instead, lawyer Staples Hughes has been criticized for breaching client-lawyer confidentiality.

The NYT story discusses these situations and quotes legal ethics experts on both sides of the fence.