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Of Super Recycling, Acai berry come-hither offers, and Christmas wrap

January 5, 2009

I apologize for the blog’s hiatus. I was on vacation but am now back — with a bunch of topics to deal with.

So toot sweet (so to speak):

big-blue-cart1.JPG*If you regularly have way more recycling than will fit in your blue cart, you may be pleased to hear about the city’s latest offering — a mega blue recycling cart.

It’s the size of the city-provided green trash carts — 96 gallons.

That should be able to easily handle most people’s recycling each week.

One thing, though: The cart ain’t free. (Is anything?) If you want it, you’ll have to plunk down $54. For an extra $11, the city will deliver it to your house. That one-time cost will be in addition to the $42 recycling fee that residential property owners in the city are charged each year.

To order one of the super recycling carts, call the city at 433-1329 (1FAY) or stop by the city’s solid-waste department at 455 Grove St. or go to this city Web site.

The city ordered 250 of the super carts and has sold a few already. If the first batch sells out, it may order more, depending upon demand.

acai.jpg*A reader just called to recount how both she and her daughter had been taken in by an online ad for an “amazing!” weight-loss product — the currently hot, hot, hot acai berry.

J.M. said she’d seen an ad for an acai-berry product through her e-mail and decided “what the heck” and she ordered it. “Who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds?” she said.

Plus, it seemed cheap — something like $34.95 for a month’s worth of pills, plus $4.95 shipping and handling.

Then, though, she got her credit-card statement and saw she’d been billed another $80, which she said was for some kind of fitness program. Apparently, she’d missed the fine print that mentioned that was part of the deal, too — and that it would be a monthly cost.

She hadn’t realized she’d agreed to get the pills monthly, either — for another monthly fee.

After much telephoning and haranguing and discussing, J.M. got the contracts canceled but was out the first set of monthly costs. During the whole mess, she learned her daughter had, on her own, gotten unwittingly involved in a similar acai-berry program that came with extra costs.

She wanted to alert people so here: Read the fine print, people! Ask questions before you buy. Make sure you understand what you’re committing to. There are often additional costs hidden away in this kind of thing.

Here’s an ABC News reporter’s account of her and her husband’s brief foray into acai-berry programs. Here’s a brief, brief bit on the acai berry from the Mayo Clinic.

dont-burn-wrapping-paper.JPG*Speaking of recycling: Unfortunately, W.P. e-mailed me a Christmas-related recycling question after I’d already left for vacation. He wanted to know if it was OK to burn wrapping paper.

I suspect he’s dealt with his wrapping paper by now but I figured I’d get this info out anyway: No, you shouldn’t burn wrapping paper. Because it’s paper, it ignites quickly. Duh. After all, isn’t fire what you’re after?

In this case, though, the resulting fire could be so intense, so hot and so big that it ignites a fire in your chimney or in your house.

old-boombox.jpgMeanwhile, in a pre-Christmas column that I wrote before going on vacation, I told M.R. how to recycle smaller electronics, including TVs and boom boxes. Office Depot has such a program. Read the linked column for info and go to this Office Depot site for even more info about it.


Info on free mammograms

September 18, 2008

breast-cancer-ribbonjpg.jpgI wanted to put a spotlight on a recent post by Faith Graham in this thread: “Cheap — or even free — mammograms.”

Graham is the daughter of Sherri Arnold Graham, whose foundation is a subject of the post. The foundation arranges free mammograms in the Fayetteville area on several dates throughout the year and one of those days is coming up — on Oct. 9 — according to Faith Graham.

That day, the foundation will send a mobile mammography unit to Simon Temple A.M.E. Zion Church at 5760 Yadkin Road from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You have to pre-register for an appointment and be approved. To do that, call 223-7420.


See Graham’s post for other details and the rest of that thread for other options for low-cost and discounted mammograms in the area.

More on mammograms

June 20, 2008

I just wanted to make sure this information is out there.

In last Friday’s column, I said the only place you can get digital mammograms in Fayetteville is at Diagnostic Health. I’d asked local health folks and that was all they were aware of.

But I got an e-mail today from an acting public information officer at the VA Medical Center in Fayetteville saying that facility also offers digital mammograms. Only people eligible for care through the VA can use that service, of course, but, for them, it’s there.


Return of the yam

May 29, 2008

yam-not-sweet-potato.jpgYams are back in the news — or at least back in today’s column.

Prompted by the same People’s Pharmacy column that undoubtedly produced the first yam question, a reader wanted to know where she could buy yams locally.


Comparing hospitals

May 21, 2008


betsy-johnson.jpg If you know you’re going to be hospitalized at some point in the near future, you might want to check out this Web site.

Operated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the site allows you to compare hospitals in the area, the state or the nation based on 26 measures of the quality of their clinical care and 10 measures of patient satisfaction with that care.

The site has such information about more than 2,500 hospitals in the nation, including 111 in North Carolina.


Tattoo you

May 9, 2008

Fancy a permanent tat?tattoo.jpg

shootingstar.jpg If so, whether it’d be small and inconspicuous or large and pretty darn noticeable, you should think before you ink. Today’s column discusses things to consider carefully before you let the needle push the first drop of ink into your skin.

The American Academy of Dermatology has information about the complications that can occur with tattoos, as well as body piercing, and about methods of removing such adornments.

There are zillions of tattoos out there on millions and millions of people. This site has a collection of links to some of ’em. My personal “favorite”? Ta da! \/


Cheap — or even free — mammograms

May 1, 2008

breast-cancer-ribbonjpg.jpgToday’s column includes an item about programs in the area that provide free mammograms.

Appointments for these mammograms are arranged through The Sherri Arnold Graham Foundation, aka the Lighthouse Foundation.

Graham, a minister, is a breast-cancer survivor. She started the organization to help women suffering from breast cancer and those who can’t afford mammograms, the tests used to screen women for breast cancer. The tests can show cancer in women who otherwise have no signs or symptoms of it and they’re generally recommended annual for women who are 40 or older.


You can’t take it with you

April 22, 2008

So if it’s possible, why not give it to someone who can use it?

ray_of_hope.jpgI’m not talking about what happens to your money or possessions after you die — though you might as well give that stuff to someone who can use it, too.

Here, though, I’m talking about you  — your bod or, frankly, your parts. You know, your organs.

They won’t be doing you any good after you die. But they could be a gift of immeasurable value, hope and joy to others who are suffering from life-threatening or life-debilitating conditions. That’s the subject of today’s column. Meanwhile, you can go here to read the story of one donor — the guy in the Rameses suit up there.