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Ask a question here

August 17, 2009

Welcome to Live Wire!

I’ve said it before — in the text over there to the right — but I want to say it again: Please feel free to pose questions to Live Wire. You can do it here at the blog, by replying to this post. Or you can e-mail You can also call the Live Wire line — 486-3516 — and leave a message.

You can also respond to other posters here if you know the answer to a question or if you have a comment or suggestion. Please chime in! Greg and I will keep an eye on the blog and we’ll try to answer your questions here or in the column itself.

As you may know, the six-day-a-week Live Wire column is now pritch-mug.jpeggreg-mug.jpegauthored by both me (Catherine Pritchard) and Greg Phillips. (He’s on the left — if you couldn’t guess. πŸ˜‰ ) I now sign my answers C.P. and he signs his, well, G.P.

Besides Live Wire, we share responsibility for the Fay to Z breaking news blogΒ and we both do other work for the paper as well.

If you’re new to Live Wire, the column tackles anything we consider to be of general interest or consumer interest β€” or both. Anything, as I have said, that’s outside of scary Dear Abby territory. Ask us something. We’ll see if we can answer — or if another poster can. If you’re not sure how to post or what’s involved in that, check here. Again, welcome. — c.p.