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5 Responses to “More questions”

  1. SG Says:

    I was wondering if there was anything that someone could do about the traffic on wayside road coming out of the McDougald Downs subdivision? The traffic is leading on to reservation road it’s hard to even get out of the neighborhood. For some people to be in the military they won’t let you out like you don’t have a job to go to also. I really think that someone should observe the traffic especially in the early morning around 5am-6am, and the evening around 5pm-6pm. I think this is ridiculous and maybe someone should think about putting a traffic light there.

  2. wohlachee Says:

    Your web address for carolina boats is incorrect.
    There is no space between “boat” and “works”

  3. Catherine Pritchard Says:

    Hi wohlachee, that space was introduced accidentally as the copy was processed to fit the space in the paper. There was a break in the company’s Web address at that point because there was no more space on that line and it continued on the next line. Unfortunately, the space was accidentally carried through when the column was published on our Web site.

    I would hope that, like you, most readers would have realized that was a bobble since Web addresses don’t include blank spaces. As you say, the correct Web address for Carolina Boatworks is

  4. Gabriela Robles Says:

    Where can I get information regarding the FAST bus routes and schedule for city transportation. Was unable to retrieve this info on line.

  5. Catherine Pritchard Says:

    Hi Gabriela,

    The info is at this link.

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