encyclopedias1.jpgI’ve written before about the weighty problem of disposing of a set of encyclopedias.

And I’m writing about it again in today’s paper. E.S. has a set she doesn’t want any longer and she’d rather not throw the books away. After all, they’re full of useful and interesting information. She just prefers to use the Internet now.

Other times I’ve answered this sort of question, I usually get calls from at least one and often more people who would love to have the encyclopedias and I try to hook up the two parties accordingly.

As I suspect there are probably a number of people out there who’d like to have a set of encyclopedias — and others who have sets they’d like to get rid of but ideally without trashing them — I’m setting up this post where they can indicate as much if they want.

How about it? Anyone?


19 Responses to “Encyclopedias”

  1. Melanie Ebbert Says:

    My husband and I bought a set a year before our son was born (about 12 years ago). We don’t use them and the school system doesn’t even teach the kids how to use them. If anyone wants them, I will gladly give them away. They are in excellent condition. The information is a bit dated but I know some people prefer books over computers.

  2. Sylvia Mintz Says:

    Actually I have the same problem. If more than one person replies wishing to have a set of encyclopedias I also have a set. I just can’t bring myself the throw them away because they are actually pretty books. (navy with gold trim)

  3. Brion Says:

    We also have a set of old encyclopedias. One is “The Book of Knowledge” copyright 1959 and Encyclopedia Americana copyright 1959.

  4. Catherine Pritchard Says:

    I’ll let y’all know if I hear from anyone who wants these (who doesn’t happen to post their request here). Many people don’t have Internet access and contact me by phone or letter.

  5. Catherine Pritchard Says:

    Hello all, I received one plea (so far) for encyclopedias.

    Cathy Johnston, a retired teacher, said she helps direct a new program aimed at providing educational help to at-risk kids and others. It’s called Peer Pressure and it’s in Spring Lake on Weaver Street, just off Main Street. The program is relatively new and the founders are scratching together materials for it, Johnston said.

    So they’d love to have a couple of sets of encyclopedias. If you’re interested, call her at 257-0912. I will also communicate this to E.S. who asked the original question. I’ll let you know if other requests/ideas come in. Thanks very much for posting. Maybe we can get all these books to good homes.

  6. dlee Says:

    What about craigslist.com? And there’s another site, freecycle.com, though you have to subscribe to list the items you don’t want.
    both sites are local and free, and give people the opportunity to get something that the owner no longer wants.

  7. Jim Stacey Says:

    Funny! Here I have been trying to buy a set and I find people willing to give them away. But, then, I was looking for Encyclopedia Britannica where they are selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay. I have a stepdaughter who is about to emigrate to America so I do indeed want a reasonably recent set of high quality books.

    Yes, the older ones may be very difficult to give away, but if space is not your problem, please don’t add these to a landfill. And you might contact some of the teachers who are here temporarily from a Third World country. They may be able to ship them very cheaply (you might help on this) to schools in Asia where books are in demand. If you try to do it yourself, as I have, it can cost a fortune and take four months or more.

    Catherine, on a seperate note, when you mentioned Live Wire in today’s column, I had no idea what it was or how to find it. It was difficult to find, being confused with music download programs and others. You might want to provide a link, eh? Thanks for all the good work you do. Jim

  8. R. Jones Says:

    I am a teacher and would love to have a set of encyclopedias for my class room. I feel the students are becoming too dependent on technology. Having a set of encyclopedias will allow me to incorporate the old with the new and how you still need to have a knowledge of both in order to be successful.

    Please have them contact me at (910) 678-1028 FTCC at Spring Lake anytime Monday – Friday 9am -12pm.

    Thank you.

  9. Brion Says:

    I can be reached at jj48lowes48@yahoo.com and we can make arrangements. I will be trying to get in touch with R. Jones tomorrow.

  10. G. Privette Says:

    We also have a set of old encyclopedias that I would love to give away. “New Age Encyclopedia” copyright 1982. Set of 20.

  11. Catherine Pritchard Says:

    Excellent, y’all. I hope this can work out for all involved.

  12. Valerie Lee Says:

    I also have a set of old World Book encyclopedias in mint condition that I would love to give away.

  13. Catherine Pritchard Says:

    I called Melanie (first poster) and gave her the name and number of someone requesting encyclopedias. If I get more requests, besides the two posted here already, I’ll try to hook them up with the rest of you, in order of your posting time.

  14. D. Rudisill Says:

    I, also have a set of encyclopedias collecting dust. World Book, 1990 edition complete with Atlas, Dictionaries, and the World Book Science collection (1992-1995). If anyone would like to have the set, let me know.

  15. Catherine Pritchard Says:

    I’ll let you — and others — know if I get any requests. I’m not sure if any earlier posters on this thread gave their encyclopedias to the schools or teachers who asked for them. I’ll try to check in with them soon.

    Meanwhile, I did hook up two people who’d called me with someone who wanted encyclopedias for her schools.

  16. tambria watson Says:

    I would love to have a set of encyclopedias, so please let me know how and where to pick up and I will be there…thank you

  17. Barb Borkovec Says:

    I also have a set of 1985 World Book Encyclopedias in mint condition that I would be will ing to give to a good home or school. Let me know if you are interested.

  18. Onni Perala Says:

    I have a set of Colliers encyclopedia – good condition with yearbooks from 1963 to 1975. The yearbooks cover the period when the astronauts travelled to the moon. I will give them away to a home that needs them.

  19. Elizabeth Says:

    Does anyone realize Encyclopedias will probably be worth a great deal of money someday as they are very beautifully made books, and now b/c of the internet will probably stop being made, if they haven’t been already, very soon?
    I have a 20yr old set of brown/ gray w/ gold trim Funk N Wagnalls that I would like to sell right now, but I’m not sure exactly how much they are worth right now. I have posted them on Craigslist under “make offer” and am willing to let them go to highest bidder. I would like to post them on Ebay, but I am Ebay challenged still. My location is in Daytona Bch if anyone is interested. ThX! ~Elizabeth

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