Judging the judges — on TV

gavel.jpgI’m not sure we have enough TV judges appearing on the local airwaves.

For the lead item in today’s column, I perused the Observer’s TV listings and saw that a mere 12 different TV judge shows air on the television channels in the region each weekday.

And they occupy just 23 hours of daily programming. (Since most of the shows are 30 minutes long, you can tell that some of the TV judges are on several times a day — and on various channels.)

Wow! Until now, I hadn’t realized the extent of TV judgedom.

Today’s column notes that TV judges aren’t analogous with real judges — though many viewers may think they are. Not all of them have experience as real judges, either. But most do seem to have real law degrees.

Legal commentators think TV judge shows are eroding our view of, respect for and knowledge about how the real legal system does and should work. Go here and here to read a couple of articles on that subject.

But doggone it, TV judge shows are entertaining — to some. Or, uh, judging by the proliferation of the shows, to a lot of people.

Below: A rogue’s gallery of the TV judges now on our airwaves, plus one who was just pretending to be a real TV judge. Can you pick that person? If you can, click on the pic to go to a video spoof of a TV judge show.

judge-alex.jpg  judge-cristina-perez.jpg  judge-hatchett.gif 

 judge-jeanine-pirro.JPG  judge-joe-brown.jpg  judge-judy1.jpg

judge-karen.jpg  judge-lynn-toler.jpg  judge-marilyn-milian.jpg

judge-penny1.jpg  judge-phil-hartman-on-snl.jpg  judgedavidyoung_2.jpg



2 Responses to “Judging the judges — on TV”

  1. Jim Says:

    Entertaining “to some”.

    Yes, some….I’ve been on a jury and been to real civil and criminal trials from start to finish. And I’m sure as a reporter you have too.

    These shows make a mockery of the system…yes, and the system is flawed. A lot of real life lawyers and judges are pretentious jerks who think “their” courtroom deserves more respect than The Vatican. When the judges are working.

    But aside from that, the outbursts that seem to be more and more common from people in a courtroom, I suspect, are generated by knuckleheads who think a real courtroom is like those they see on TV. That is where mocking the system is a danger. Plus these same people toss around threats to sue people, not having any clue about what is involved in a real trial. No clue at all.

    And in between the shows there are ads for lawyers who want your business. Is it any wonder there are warning and instruction labels for everything from iPods to airbags? Fear of lawsuits….

  2. justus Says:

    They ALL need to go with Judge Judy, “the psychic” leading the way. They don’t listen and truthfully speaking there is only one who seems to hold any intelligence and/or knowledge of law….. PIRRO!
    The legal court system is so messed up in this country now, and yes, justice is “color” blind in America.

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