Tub talk

bathtub1.jpgIn today’s column, L.R. wanted to know who in the area could reglaze a porcelain bathtub.

I listed a number of businesses that do this work.

But I also wanted to provide some links here to more information about this procedure for anyone who wants to understand it a little better before they either go shopping for a contractor or consider doing it themselves.

It’s not an easy process and it really needs to be done correctly — and safely.

To learn a bit more about it, check out this info at the This Old House site and these two lengthy posts by contractors — this one and this one — at Bob Vila‘s message board.

Meanwhile, because my brain just works that way, this tub talk post reminded me of another old SNL skit — Celebrity Hot Tub with James Brown (Eddie Murphy). I always remember this fondly — not least, because I got to see James Brown perform at the Cape Cod Melody Tent in the ’80s and he was almost exactly like this — minus the hot tub and Dr. Joyce Brothers.

SNL doesn’t have the skit at its site. And it’s been yanked off YouTube several times for copyright infringement. But I found a site where it’s posted, until the SNL legal peeps show up. Watch it while you can. And shhh.



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