Yeah, that’s the ticket

In today’s column, B.K. asks whether there’s anyplace in the area where a private person can get a lie detector test done.

Indeed there are, as the column explains.

moepolygraph1.jpgI didn’t go into the arguments about the validity of lie detector tests. Some believe the tests can be beaten. Some question their reliability. But, if they’re administered by qualified examiners, they’re accepted by authorities in many places, including North Carolina.

They can certainly produce uncomfortable moments. I think you probably know that if you ever saw “The Moment of Truth” on Fox, which is returning next year. While I like plenty of trashy shows and reality TV, I didn’t like what I heard about this one and I didn’t watch it.

But this question did remind me of another memorable bit of TV from the much more distant past. I took the title of this post from it. I’m talking about Tommy Flanagan, the Pathological Liar, a recurring Jon Lovitz character on “Saturday Night Live” back in the ’80s. He told lies of hilariously monumental proportions.

SNL is pretty thorough about getting clips from the show taken off YouTube as fast as they’re put up so there’s no Tommy Flanagan there.

But at least the show has some old clips at its site and, if you could use a laugh, you absolutely should watch this bit in which Tommy Flanagan and Pee-wee Herman meet up in jail and start blithely lying to each other. I wonder what a polygraph test would make of them.



2 Responses to “Yeah, that’s the ticket”

  1. Jim Says:

    Speaking of trashy and reality shows…and related to your post….ever seen “Cheaters”?

    Man, thats some ugly TV. I seem to find it on Sunday when football season is over and there is no race on.

    It is like the reality show with Chris Hanson…you know you should turn it off…but you don’t…..

  2. Catherine Pritchard Says:

    I actually had never heard of “Cheaters” ’til you mentioned it.

    But based on the description of it at Wikipedia, it does sound a little seamy. OK, a lot seamy.

    My trashy TV side tends to indulge in mega cheesy, low-budget, monster-y or disaster movies on the Sci Fi channel. My reality TV side — which my husband would say coincides in large part with my trashy TV side — tends toward stuff like Survivor, Amazing Race (I’d love to compete on this!), American Idol, SuperNanny, some of the TLC stuff — like that.

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