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Bald birds

June 29, 2008

One of the frequent visitors to the bird feeder right outside the window where our home computer sits is a male cardinal and his mate.


He’s a welcome flash of red but… there’s something a bit off with him. He’s bald.

Seriously. He not only lacks the traditional cardinal crest, he lacks any feather on his head. He looks exactly like this –>



Produce the produce

June 27, 2008

Today’s column combines two things I love — eating and doing nerdy stuff on the Internet.



While answering N.W.’s question about farmers markets in the area (and expanding it to include produce markets and stands), I decided to see if I could make a map showing their locations. Because while it’s helpful to give street addresses, sometimes that means squat if you a) never heard of that street before or b) have no idea where the address is on a busy street.


Hodge podge

June 26, 2008

I’m finally catching up on providing additional info for some previous Live Wire columns. (Forgive me, I’ve been feeling rotten and while I still worked, I slacked off with the blog. I think I’m better now — but my desk mate still doesn’t want me breathing or coughing on her.)

So, to backtrack a little…


Weather ways

June 26, 2008

Who or what do you look to when you’re wondering what’s brewing with the weather?

storm.jpg*Do you click on the “weather” icon on our home page? It provides a good quickie look at the current local weather and the 7-day outlook. You can click on the pictures there to see radar and satellite pictures from Accuweather.

*If I want to see what’s happening in this area on the radar now — or pretty now — I usually check one of a couple of local radars — WRAL’s or WTVD’s.


More on mammograms

June 20, 2008

I just wanted to make sure this information is out there.

In last Friday’s column, I said the only place you can get digital mammograms in Fayetteville is at Diagnostic Health. I’d asked local health folks and that was all they were aware of.

But I got an e-mail today from an acting public information officer at the VA Medical Center in Fayetteville saying that facility also offers digital mammograms. Only people eligible for care through the VA can use that service, of course, but, for them, it’s there.


When to water?

June 20, 2008

sprinkler.jpgIn today’s column, P.T. was steaming about the time frame to which she’d been ordered to limit her lawn watering.

She gets her water from a private water system, Aqua North Carolina, and Aqua said she and other customers in Cumberland County could run their sprinklers only between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

This did not jibe the ideal watering times that had been recommended to P.T.


Fly like an eagle….

June 18, 2008

eagle-pic4.jpgHere’s what I’ve been doing this morning — watching a couple of bald eagles in their nest in Maryland.


Yes, I’m at my desk here in Fayetteville but, while researching this post to follow up on an item in today’s column, I came across this live webcam at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge, Md., and it’s riveting. Ma or Pa Eagle and an eaglet seem to be making short work of a fish.


Water, water, everywhere

June 17, 2008

But not a drop to drink?

Naturally, that’s not the goal.

Expo Zaragoza 2008 — in the Spanish region of Aragon — is addressing the world’s expo.jpgconcerns with preserving water and creating sustainable development. The expo, which just started, was one of the topics of Sunday’s column. K.C. had wondered when the last world’s fair was. The expo is a world’s fair.

sprinkler.jpgMeanwhile, today’s column addresses sprinkler schedules that should be used by PWC customers. I’d screwed up the schedule — by accident, of course — in a previous column and W.P. kindly brought it to my attention. Maybe you’re thinking: It just rained an estimated 3-4 inches here the other day (and night)! Why do we need a sprinkler schedule? Because: We may still be in drought conditions. Plus, it’s just smart not to be wasteful with any resource.


In the Midwest, there’s way too much water — and much of it’s poisonous to drink. And while we may be grateful not to be dealing with that situation, it’s going to affect us, too — when we shop for groceries.

Finally, if the phrase which began this post rouses any curiosity in you about the original, you might want to take a literary voyage with an ancient mariner. (You may note that I slightly misquoted the poem. Sorry, STC.)

A Tiger in your… computer

June 16, 2008


tiger.jpgWill he find himself on the Rock…os today? Will you know?

Sure, if you’re at work, you can keep up with online updates. Or try to watch the playoff online at ESPN. But if you can’t get to the feed from there, try this link — which also comes in tres handy during the early stages of the NCAA b’ball tourney. Not that, er, I know this for anything other than purely professional reasons. 😉

Old phone books

June 16, 2008

phonebook.JPGAs per Saturday’s column, you don’t have to toss these heavy monsters in the trash. Save ’em for the blue bins if you’re in the city. If you’re in the county, you can take them to the landfill or one of the container sites for recycling.

And here, in a previous blog post, you can find out how to recycling everything — including the kitchen sink. (If you think of some other things to that list, let me know.)